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Financial Help

Bursary Scheme for Academic Year 24/25

The bursary is available to those eligible for Pupil Premium and will pay 50% of your Centre fees for the year 24/25. Pupil Premium eligibility will be checked by Southwark Council.

If you are not eligible for Pupil Premium but have concerns about your ability to pay, please contact Andy Grappy on [email protected]

Although we hope to be able to help all applicants, we cannot guarantee you will get a bursary as our funding is limited.

Students will be expected to commit to attending the centre every Saturday morning during term-time throughout the year and to follow up any Centre-based work with regular practice at home. Students’ attendance and punctuality will be monitored. We reserve the right to remove your place if commitment is not shown.

The Bursary Scheme is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Wallace Wilson-Haffenden Memorial Fund.

London Music Fund

The London Music Fund offers four-year music Scholarships to young people who have started learning an instrument and are doing really well but whose families find it difficult to pay for music lessons, meaning that without their support they would have to give up their studies.

In order to be put forward for a Scholarship, the child must:

  • Currently be in year 5 or 6
  • Attend a junior school in London where there are no school fees.
  • Have been learning a musical instrument for a minimum of one year.
  • Show potential and commitment to learning.
  • Be in a family where the ongoing cost of tuition would be prohibitive.

Find out more about the London Music Fund here.

Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme

The Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme allows our pupils to get 20% off the price of instruments (tax free).

For further information about our Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme please see here.