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Inspirational Southwark Teachers Rewarded

Congratulations to two Southwark school teachers who have been handed national education awards in recognition of their life-changing impact on young people. Reema Reid, Headteacher of Hollydale Primary School and Mary Graham, Director of Performing Arts and Assistant Headteacher at Kingsdale Foundation School, were both given the Pearson awards on National Thank a Teacher UK Day in June 2021.

Music Changes Lives

Southwark Music are delighted that two teachers who recognise the hugely important role that music plays in education have been honoured in this way. We are incredibly proud of the work that you have done and continue to do for children in Southwark.

One person holding an award that reads “Pearson National Teaching Awards - Winner”, standing between two people.
One person holding an award that reads “Pearson National Teaching Awards”, standing beside another person, both are smiling.

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